Prana green salad


Everything is green in this salad. It has PrANA or life giving energy. Its suddenly become so warm in Mississauga. My entire home and yard are filled with fresh prana.. . Spring is time for renewal.. Now after the cold long winter, with sun streaming through my whole house, I had to make a salad to celebrate this prana.

I wanted to make a salad that would make anyone eating it come alive. What would it be?

harvested_mung_bean_01Sprouts, of course. But remember anything that good, that life-filled comes with a little amount of labor. Try not to go store bought if you can. All you have to do to have do is soak moong beans overnight. The next morning drain and sprouting will begin. When you eat this salad you are bringing life energy into your body to awaken every cell. Apsara yoga is definitely about being fit in your body, but we also believe that you do this by nourishing your body with fresh nourishing foods, bursting with flavour that make you come alive.

The icing on the cake is sustainability. Such a buzz word. But look, don’t I do it every day, in the way I cook? This salad for example..1 cup of moong beans, when soaked gave me 3 cups of sprouted beans.. Sustainability is all about cooking low tech-soaking beans in water, using minimal packaged foods-no stunningly beautiful is that. 3 cups of prana will go a long way to satisfying my guests tonight.

1 cup raw green moong beans
½ cup fresh cilantro chopped
½ cup green olives, drained
2 cups cubed cucumber
Spice Garnish
½ tsp green chili sliced thinly
Juice of 2 green limes/lemons
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp curry leaves
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp urad dal
Pinch hing
Salt to taste

• Wash green moong beans and soak in 2 cups water overnight.images

• Next morning see the surprise awaiting you. Beans would have doubled in size and will continue to grow.

apsara tip some moong beans just won’t swell. they remain hard. To prevent too much of a crunch, take the time to sift out these hard beans that simply refuse to grow. Or if you like you can cook the beans, to skip sifting. but then it won’t be a prana salad anymore once cooked :) your choice..see the red line I drew connecting 2 moong beans, these are the stubborn ones that refused to grow :) that I threw out.


• Rinse beans, drain and cover with wet cloth to continue growing process.

• Wash, peel and cube cucumber. Set aside. Slice olives if you didn’t buy already sliced. I had to slice as mine were whole. Toss cucumber, olives, fresh cilantro with moong beans. Set bowl aside.20150524_132922

• In frying pan, heat oil, then add mustard seeds. When they splutter add green chili, hing and curry leaves. Saute to remove extra heat from chillies. Toss in sesame seeds and remove from fire.

• Pour the spice garnish over salad. Add in lime/lemon juice and salt to taste. Apsara tip Remember olives are already salty. So go easy on salt.

• What do you need to serve it with. Just itself! This would be the most complete spring salad you ever ate. Fresh, filled with prana life giving energy, nourishing and tasty!20150524_141743

Dear reader, did you enjoy this post.? Do you believe we can save our planet from global warming with small baby steps at home. Can you then share my blog post and others like mine on your facebook page, or whatever social media you use with your circles..Are we able to encourage me & others like me to continue to share sustainability practices. Can we begin to encourage others to taste plant food and find that its not lacking taste, substance or nutrition? Can we begin to share posts like mine to encourage the value of going meatless even if its only 1 day a week. If you liked this post, please comment and do share with friends and family.


Double protein asparagus bean stew


I got hungry at work after finishing off my lentil soup. Luckily I work in a company where healthy snacks are aplenty to keep staff fueled all day long. Feeling that hungry wasn’t a good sign. Blame it on the smaller than usual portion I had taken to work.

Beans-yard-long1As I returned home to prepare dinner, the only thought was to use my yard long beans.Temperatures have plummeted so rapidly it feels like winter came back for a short visit. Double protein stew is just what I needed to fill me up & keep me warm. No salads in this apsara’s kitchen tonight :)


Never tasted double protein stew! Then I’m going to go out on a limb and say you haven’t lived yet :)  this tasty stew is one that my grandmother used to make for me. Its hearty and fills you up, yet stays light on your insides. I used a touch of spice from memory.


I also love fresh coconut, but who has the time now to break a coconut and grate it for every meal. Lucky I live in a town where even Walmart carries grated dessicated coconut. At just $1.25 a packet you can’t go wrong with this bargain.

1 cup packed yard long beans
4 tbsp split yellow peas
Spice Paste
½ tbsp yellow split peas
½ tbsp cilantro seeds
¼ tbsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp dry coconut
2 dry red chilies
1 tbsp ginger
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp curry leaves
1 tsp urad dal
Pinch hing
Salt to taste


• Wash yard long beans thoroughly and cut very thinly. Steam till lightly cooked and still crisp along with yellow split peas. Set aside.

20150521_192425• Dry roast the spice paste mix. Grind in food processor with ginger and 2 tbsp water till you get a fine paste.

• Heat frying pan. Add coconut oil, then mustard seeds. When they splutter, add urad dal, curry leaves and lastly cumin. Saute till spices are golden brown.20150521_192918

• Toss in yard long beans and yellow split peas. Add 1 ½ cups water. Let beans cook some more. When water starts to boil, stir in ground spice paste. Add hing. Let everything come to a final boil. Turn off stove. Add salt to taste.

• Apsara tip if you like a thicker stew, dissolve 1 tbsp. rice flour in 1 tbsp. water and add to the stew. You can use any other available thickener like arrowroot flour. Just ensure that your thickener has a mild taste. We don’t want the delicious goodness of the stew to be overwhelmed by a side kick thickener :)

• Serve with steamed brown rice and some sweet potato crisps. I like a bit of crunchy texture in my food to balance off the smoothness of the stew. If you have baked potato chips that would work equally well.

This is hands down the healthiest stew you would have ever laid eyes on or tasted. Yard long beans or karamani in tamil are available in all grocery stores in Toronto. They are also called asparagus beans. If you live elsewhere, try Chinese grocery stores which has these well stocked. Pick tender and crisp beans for the best double protein stew. Did you get why I called this a double protein stew? Because you get a double shot of protein, one from the beans, the other from the split peas.

Health benefits
20150521_195433Yard beans are low in calories, rich in fibre. They sweep toxic substances from the colon and help to decrease bad cholesterol. They have vitamin C which is great for the immune system. They have tons of nutrients including calcium, copper, magnesium and iron. One of the best sources of folates and Vitamin A, yard beans are beyond just super tasty in this recipe. They are very nutritious.


Double protein, double yummy right. Try it out. I promise a heaven-reaching-ecstatic culinary experience with your taste buds exploding with this recipe. I can’t wait to hear from you on how you enjoyed this post.


Improve self-confidence and arm strength with dolphin pose


‘Its easy for you’, said a friend. ‘You go about teaching others, you sing in concerts, you are outgoing. You must be born self confident or something’. No, No, no, I replied smiling at all these misconceptions.

I was actually quite a shy kid growing up. And I had many, many awful childhood experiences which will make you shiver if I told you about them. Another time I might! For now its enough to know: I wasn’t born with self confidence. Its an acquired skill. I want to share a few things you can do to get that self confidence.

But first, why should you even remotely consider getting self-confident? How does that help you? Is that even necessary? Do women need to be self-confident? What’s self-confidence anyway? Here is my take:

1. Self-confidence makes you rely on yourself. Come what may, you have that unshakable belief in yourself that no one can take away. In a world that’s constantly filled with external pressures and stresses, doesn’t it feel good to know that you always have you as your best friend?

2. Self-confidence gives you integrity. You tend to not look for ways to trick others to getting what you want. In fact the thought doesn’t even strike you as a possible way to lead life. Since you are sure of yourself, you make requests of others coming from a place of grounded self-confidence. You make requests in a straightforward manner. It makes dealing a pleasure. I’ve had people tell me: “Its so rare.-what you have. This direct quality, a straightforward way, an innocence in dealing with others.. I just love this about you”. We all seek integrity in our daily lives. Whether in our business dealings, or in our relationships, we like to be with those we can trust. Having self-confidence makes us trustworthy and increases our integrity. Increase self-confidence, integrity will automatically increase making you successful in business and your other relationships.

3. Self-confidence makes you attractive. Whoever comes in your presence enjoys you and knows that you enjoy them just for who they are. No other ulterior motives, just the pure joy of hanging out with another. I’ve always wondered about whether I’ve been able to help my friends. I used to seek out my best friend a lot when I had a serious setback in life. When I divorced and my life seemed to be crumbling around me. She made time to chat with me every single day. Even telling her family that while she was too busy to take calls from others. But if I called she would run to the phone to give me some much needed friend-to-friend therapy sessions. I asked her what she got out of this. And this is what she had to say “I learn so much from you. You are so inspiring and have so much self-confidence even though you are going through such a tough patch in life. I would always be there for you”. Wouldn’t you like to have that quality in life that makes you so attractive to others that they want to be around you even when you are in a low spot in life :)

4. Self-confidence is for everyone!. In my culture, sometimes women like to say ‘I’m not confident’. They take pride in mistakenly believing that women who are under confident are more womanly. Far from the truth! In fact, When a woman is confident in herself, her femininity and womanliness increase. Everyone who comes in contact with her has a sense of being in the presence of a grounded person. It makes for a joyful and playful contact. It is truly sweet as the pressure of expectation is taken off the other person. Especially in a relationship with a significant other. The other person doesn’t have to feel ‘Oh dear, I have to take all the emotional responsibility in the relationship, for myself and for her’. They can just be themselves as you carve a beautiful space for them to just be themselves by being yourself. I’ve had guys tell me, your most attractive quality is your self-confidence, even though I never thought of myself being that way.

5. Self-confidence is spiritual. On one of the local retreats I went for, we tried to fathom what it meant. This answer just blew me away and stayed with me..Self-confidence is having faith in God. I LOVE this. Having faith is self-confidence. Whether you believe in an outer god, or something inside of you that’s powerful and gives you direction in life, you’ve gotta love this statement.

Now to body work. Here’s my yoga pose for increasing self-confidence which I taught my class last Friday. As we move to warmer weather everyone likes their arms to be toned. Dolphin increases the strength and beauty of your arms, legs and upper body. Dolphin opens the shoulders and upper back, muscles that get very tight. It also builds core strength which has to do with self-confidence. If you’ve ever taken a group fitness class at the gym, you’re familiar with the “Work your core” talk. Its your gut, your core, your abs, that space in your abdomen which houses an energy center of yoga called the Manipura chakra.  Apsara tip If your hamstrings are tight it will be challenging to press the chest back while keeping straight legs so bend your knees slightly.

The body equivalent of the manipura chakra is the solar plexus. It’s the fire in your belly that helps you digest. Keep the fire stoked by giving it food that’s fresh, nourishing and life giving. Feed it food that has positive vibrations such as grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Try Yogi salad for a fresh feed to your body via the manipura chakra.

hope you enjoyed this post where i shared a multi-dimensional way to look at self-confidence, via the mind, body and soul(food).


Yogi Salad

Sunday night yoga party! I love parties. Whether with yogis or otherwise.. but you know how it is with shared interests.. energy levels of a shared interest take the conversation to an entirely new level.. and so it was with my yoga group. People take themselves lightly.. and laugh & smile a lot.

I thought of making a salad. I wanted it to be fresh, nourishing and pretty to look at. At the same time this is a yogi salad. I wanted it to be light and filling, so that anyone tasting it would be satisfied and yet feel light & easy in their belly :)

As with all things an apsara makes, there is a bit of preparation time.. since apsaras don’t eat out of cans, if they can help it :) nor do they serve canned food. Soaking of black eyed peas is that task. Takes a few hours in cold water, and in hot just 1 hour.

1 cup dry black eyed beans, washed (lobia in hindi)
¼ cup baby cucumber, washed, peeled and diced
¼ cup carrots, washed, peeled and diced
1 tbsp fresh ginger, chopped
Spice Mix
2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
2 tbsps dry dessicated coconut
1 tbsp fresh lime/lemon juice
2 tbsp fresh cilantro leaves
½ tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp curry leaves
2 dry red chilies
½ tsp urad dal
Pinch hing
Salt to taste
1 tbsp coconut oil

• Wash black eyed beans thoroughly several times in water. Soak in 2 cups water. I soaked it Sunday morning for the evening dinner. In the evening wash and rinse lentils again. If you want to make this salad last minute, just soak the beans in hot water for about 1 hour and then rinse.

• Cook till soft. I cook in my pressure cooker anytime there are lentils or beans to be cooked. They get done in minutes. Set aside to cool. Drain water when cooled down.

• Lightly steam washed and cubed carrots so they are still crisp.

• In pan, heat oil. Add hing, mustard seeds. When they splutter, add urad dal, curry leaves, dry red chili(I used 2 but you can use just 1). Apsara tip-lower chili heat by using whole & not breaking it up before sautéing. Then sauté ginger. Toss in cooked carrots. Take pan off heat.

• Add the cubed cucumber. I used baby cukes, but any variety works. I’ll share later in a video tip my apsara secret on how to reduce bitterness of cukes.

• Add in the dry dessicated coconut. This is the only shortcut I indulge in. Years ago I’d buy fresh coconut, break it open with a hammer and then grate chunks in the food processor. Now this work is already done & grocery stores carry this miracle already grated so I use that instead. Just be sure to get the unsweetened one as this is not a dessert dish, but If you do want to make it one, then that’s a different recipe for another time.

• Stir in lime juice(I use fresh green lime, but lemons work just fine).

• Garnish with chopped fresh cilantro leaves.

• Yogi salad is ready!

The fragrance wafting in my kitchen. Wish I could bottle it. And even the splutter of mustard seeds, it just makes my senses so happy to see, smell, touch, hear and taste.. hope to get some video tips so you’ll get to experience a full sensory experience of my recipes. If you have any tips to video tape using a smart phone, please send them along. I still haven’t figured out how to make the phone point at the pan while I’m cooking at the same time. I want the phone to record hands-free so my attention is on the cooking & narration of the recipe and health tips.

I shared this pix with my facebook friends. There was an instant reaction.. Recipe please pleaded my friend. So in honour of this friend and the fact that I’ve now published 100 blogs.. Yes, wordpress just congratulated me on my 100th blog. Also since my previous post made over 100 hits, I’ve decided to post yoga tips and recipes all week long. Hope you enjoyed yogi salad.

Here are 3 purities around food you may want to think about.. from an ancient yoga text chap 17 verse 10 bhagavad geeta interpretation from a great master. sathya sai baba

yâta-yâmam gata-rasam
pûti paryushitam ca yat
ucchishtham api câmedhyam
bhojanam tâmasa-priyam

Listen. There are three ‘purities’ to be observed; purity of the provisions; purity of the vessels in which food is prepared; and purity of the persons who serve the prepared food.

1. It is not enough if the provisions are pure and of good quality. They should have been procured by fair means; no unfair, unjust, untrue earnings should be used for one’s maintenance. Apsara tipThat means, hopefully that we didn’t cheat anyone while earning our paychecks :)

2. The vessel must be clean, free from tarnish. Try using cast iron, and stainless steel pots.

3. The person who serves must not only be clean in dress, but also clean in habits, character and conduct. He should be free from hate, anger, worry while serving; let him be cheerful, fresh, humble and full of love. While attending on those who are dining, he should not allow his mind to dwell on elsewhere. Mere physical cleanliness, professional excellence or charm is no compensation -don’t let that fool you Examine carefully their habits and character. Phew! While this looks like a long list & hard to manage in a restaurant where you have no idea of staff :) its helpful to maybe start with yourself. Try entering the kitchen to cook as a relaxing experience.

The food you eat is such an important constituent of the physical and mental stuff of life. Purity of the mind can be and has to be supplemented by the purity of the body as well as purity in its important function, speech. That is the real tapas(penance); physical, mental and vocal.” 

This salad was a huge hit.. people kept coming back for seconds, and I didn’t have to take any leftovers home. I can’t emphasize enough the value in eating fresh, and that’s why i shared the quote from the bhagavad gita. Maybe try incorporating elements of this ancient wisdom bit by bit. Best way to eat, right! fresh & nourishing!


Breathe out anger with alternate nostril breathing

I was hopping mad! Livid, and upset. Someone called themselves my friend. But they came in and took what they wanted from me. Without any conscience or thinking of consequences. I felt used and very, very upset. I felt small. The sight of them bothered me.

After a while and a good deal of self-assessment, I realized the anger was not directed at them, rather at me. Because I saw the same pattern playing over again and feeling used. I hadn’t set boundaries for what I was accepting from others. What had happened before was repeating itself. And so I was mad at myself.

Well! that wasn’t going to work was it? Anger was making me irrational. It was stopping me from being playful, from enjoying life moment to moment. I had let this anger sit with me for a while, I had analyzed it, now it was time for me to bid it goodbye. How? With a powerful yoga technique called alternate nostril breathing.

Here’s my video tip where you can learn all about the how to and the many many benefits of alternate nostril breathing. I used alternate nostril breathing to calm my angry emotion.

Here are 5 other benefits of this amazing yoga breathing technique :

1. Increases vital energy – whenever you feel tired, try a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing to pick you up.

2. Improves functioning of brain – when you feel dull, your focus can be off. try alternate nostril breathing, just 5 minutes, is a great way when you want your mind to have a razor sharp focus, maybe before an important presentation. 

3. Calms your mind – when you are stressed, its hard to be in the flow. get back in the flow with alternate nostril breathing. Your breath is the gateway of the mind. Allow it to help you get your mind calm, shutting out unnecessary chatter so that you can think in a cool and collected manner.

4. Lung cleanser – When you breathe stale indoor air all day long, you can feel tired and exhausted. Try just 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing to remove stale air  & bring in the fresh.

5. Balancing the right ‘feminine feeling brain’ with the left ‘masculine thinking brain’ – the left nostril corresponds to the right brain & the right nostril to the left brain. In apsara yoga’s final relaxation participants are encouraged to lie on their right side, thus activating the left side, the feminine cooling side. when you need a quick pick me up, try blocking the left nostril  & breathe through the right, to stay active. Insomniacs rejoice. If you have trouble sleeping, help is here. Try what we do in the relaxation phase of an apsara yoga class. Lie on your right side, softly closing your right nostril and breathe through the left. What does this do? it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, ‘rest and relaxation’ that slows down your heart rate, cools you down & brings your body to an optimum state for deep rest.

Hope you enjoyed this tip. When you try it, do post a comment. I love to share and I equally love to hear when my tips help my dear readers!



3 masters make my #1 yoga dream come true

Finally! The day I dreamed of was finally here. I made it to the New York Yoga journal conference.

At the beginning of this year I felt a strong desire to focus my yoga practice on:
1. Structural anatomy- understanding how bones & ligaments work together in yoga
2. Relaxation techniques
3. Connect in with my lineage

It never ceases to surprise me when my dreams come true. I’ve been teaching at a physiotherapist’s clinic who is keen on introducing yoga mind-body techniques in his clinic. That sort of gave me the impetus to sign up for the new York conference. Other yoga teachers strongly recommended anatomy masters Leslie Kaminoff and Jason Crandell. My vacation day got approved. A dear friend offered me her place to stay in New York. Plus I met other friends who I had met at my yoga retreat. YAY! Who knew Dream #1 would come together so quickly.

So I followed not just these 2 anatomy masters, but also got to check out another favourite of mine, the uber-relaxed yogi—Rodney Yee..

Here are my learnings from the conference.. and its many sessions. Disclaimer -this is just my perspective. New York is a busy gritty city. The teachers who taught at the conference seemed to embody New York’s fast life. They focussed on a body level type of yoga. Anatomy is what my heart desired, anatomy is what I got. Remember when I asked for my wishes, I didn’t ask for anatomy mixed with heart level relaxation :) So that’s exactly what I got, a lot of body work.

Its always been my belief from first hand experience that yoga can get us to deep states of consciousness where rest and healing happen. And that’s when we can listen to the clear voice of intuition. But this quieting of the mind happens when the body has been stilled of its discomfort & aches and pains. So a strong focus on body work is a great way to tackle quietening of the mind. I’m planning to take the sheer physicality of these teachings & combine it with my mind work (yoga nidra) to share with my class.

1. Leslie Kaminoff made this radical & practical statement:

Asanas don’t have alignment, people have alignment

He advised us not to get too caught up with the artistic beauty of the pose, rather focus on structural alignment, meaning individual alignment. Something I’ve been aware of for a while. When I demo standing in mountain pose, I like to point out that my knees touch so I don’t keep feet together as is classically suggested, but slightly apart. I invite my class to also explore what alignment is suitable for them as an individual & not rely too much on copying my form totally.

It was a relief to validate my understanding that different bodies will do different things with the same pose.

warriorAnother takeaway was to take off the pressure from single muscle groups during yoga moves. For example during warrior pose, Leslie suggested stretching arms as if the arms extended out from the sternum. Something I was already doing with my class, mostly from intuition. I’d ask my class to take their hands to heart center. Then spread out getting a full movement going. Its always made the stretch easier. I love how my intuitive approach about expanding chest is backed up by the rationale that this move provides more support for the arms to swing out. hope you like my stick figure :) 

2. Jason Crandell was all move and vinyasa flow. I enjoyed his explanations about moving congruously. He shared these notes generously with us via email after the class so that we didn’t have to worry about taking notes, but could just drink in the class:

Moving the pelvis and300hr_TT_JasonCrandell spine congruously in all planes of motion is essential for long-term stability and comfort in the body. I want to expand our way of thinking about the hip to include the muscles that surround the entire hip-joint.

Simply put, once again Jason reiterated what Leslie said.. let the whole body move in a pose to support you to get deeper into the pose.

3. I’ve always wanted to take a class with Rodney Yee. I saw him on Oprah years ago. 20150425_101202He was so much fun. He always got me into giggles. To me this californian is the epitome of a yogi- relaxed, fit and doesn’t seem to take himself very seriously.

Big takeaway from Rodney, we are too determined. He wondered aloud why we use only our necks during a twist. here’s what he had to teach:

When in a twist, Turn from the feet. Can you start the twist from feet?

here is happiness, posing with Rodney & Colleen after a great class :)

Well hello!! looks like all 3 presenters had chatted with each other before class. For me, their message was one:

Use the entire body as a lever to bring support and anchoring to a pose.

Homy first yoga journal coverpe you enjoyed my sharing to add to your yoga practice. I am so grateful for the chance to do the things I love to do, like teach yoga and continuously learn & share again with class. As a yoga teacher, there is lot of ongoing learning we do. Its such a treat to be able to physically attend classroom yoga lessons. One that has just exponentially increased my understanding by leaps and bounds. I hope I was able to share the conference with you from my eyes.. Last but not least a fun pix of me :)



Intuition and Red Mangrove

20150405_125341Hopping on one foot, I leaned over the railing at the Bahamas yoga ashram to catch up with another yoga teacher. My right foot innocently rubbed against a plant. Still talking, my foot kept going back to rub against those leaves. They felt so deliciously cooling and soothing.

Dear reader, you might recall I had a torn ligament situation. I was at my favourite yoga ashram resting and recovering. My foot couldn’t seem to separate itself from this plant. I mentioned that and the other yoga teacher replied ‘prana’.


If you’re wondering, prana is Sanskrit for life energy. Green plants have a lot of prana as they synthesize energy directly from the sun and that’s what she was referring to.

Then she ran off for a swim leaving my foot happily rubbing itself against this soothing smooth leafed plant.

I plucked a few & put them in my bag thinking they would do really well to brush oil on my feet. Slowly I made my way back to my tent hut, no running anymore! I’ve learnt my lesson to slow down and go with the flow. Gathered my beach bag, a juicy book & made my way to the beach. As I pulled out my book, the leaves fell out. Instantly I took them and wrapped them around my feet. 20150405_092923Some seaweeds lying on the shore made a nice tie. The green juicy leaves felt heavenly and I dozed off to sleep. When I woke up it was time to go for a yoga workshop. I made my way walking barefoot in the ashram with my green bandage.

20150405_160525The other yoga instructor spotted me again and had one word this time ‘’Intuition”. ‘What do you mean’, I asked. Well, no one told you to make a bandage out of this green leaf. You felt it and its effect on your skin. You trusted and relied on your instincts to guide you to wrap your feet with this leaf. That’s intuition. Oh, I understood and left it at that.

Today during lunch, I simply had to research this plant that I knew nothing about other than how it felt on my foot.. and what do I find. It’s a medicinal plant that grows in the tropics. Called the red mangrove it has anti inflammatory properties. Its even used in Ayurveda(ancient indian medicine) for the following:

The Leaves and Bark of red mangrove are used for inflammation, diarrhea, dysentery, menorrhagia, leucorrhea, wounds, boils, and viral infections.

The leaves have been used for medicated baths in traditional medicine. Medicinal plants always played an important role in the health development of mankind. In developing countries, 80% of populations are totally dependent on plants for their primary health care. Over 25% of prescribed medicines in industrialized countries derive directly or indirectly from medicinal plants. Here is the bush that got my intuition all wired up into healing.


Wow! who knew that my injured foot would find a way to heal itself on its own with an ancient healing plant. From what was around it, my foot knew exactly what to pick. Smart foot :) it gives me shivers thinking of how much intuition, wisdom & intelligence our body has and how little of it we use day to day.

So how can you develop your intuition? It’s the 2nd time that this word came up today. A coworker asked for some advice on how to deal with a situation. I simply love my work environment, fruits every Monday.

FullSizeRender (5)Coworkers who help each other. It was my turn to help today by listening & offering some suggestions. How could I not? especially when someone comes asking me for help. Intuition popped right up as my tip for her. Listen to your intuition to guide you. How do I know and what if listening to my intuition isn’t giving me a clear answer, she asked? Then that means you have to get more still.

So dear reader, give it a go. Next time you have a challenge and are unsure of what decision to take, take 3 deep breaths, close your eyes and listen to your subconscious. Its innocent and childlike and always has your best interests at heart. It also guides you using nature’s intelligence. The path of yoga is not an instant one. So I wouldn’t expect overnight intuitive messages from your body if you are not used to it. But it does get you closer and closer to your own mind & body’s intelligence. As you keep listening, you will get all the answers you need right within you to heal. Just like I know intuitively that this green leaf is oh-so-good for me, even though I knew nothing of its biological name nor its healing properties.