Breathe out anger with alternate nostril breathing

I was hopping mad! Livid, and upset. Someone called themselves my friend. But they came in and took what they wanted from me. Without any conscience or thinking of consequences. I felt used and very, very upset. I felt small. The sight of them bothered me.

After a while and a good deal of self-assessment, I realized the anger was not directed at them, rather at me. Because I saw the same pattern playing over again and feeling used. I hadn’t set boundaries for what I was accepting from others. What had happened before was repeating itself. And so I was mad at myself.

Well! that wasn’t going to work was it? Anger was making me irrational. It was stopping me from being playful, from enjoying life moment to moment. I had let this anger sit with me for a while, I had analyzed it, now it was time for me to bid it goodbye. How? With a powerful yoga technique called alternate nostril breathing.

Here’s my video tip where you can learn all about the how to and the many many benefits of alternate nostril breathing. I used alternate nostril breathing to calm my angry emotion.

Here are 5 other benefits of this amazing yoga breathing technique :

1. Increases vital energy – whenever you feel tired, try a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing to pick you up.

2. Improves functioning of brain – when you feel dull, your focus can be off. try alternate nostril breathing, just 5 minutes, is a great way when you want your mind to have a razor sharp focus, maybe before an important presentation.

3. Calms your mind – when you are stressed, its hard to be in the flow. get back in the flow with alternate nostril breathing. Your breath is the gateway of the mind. Allow it to help you get your mind calm, shutting out unnecessary chatter so that you can think in a cool and collected manner.

4. Lung cleanser – When you breathe stale indoor air all day long, you can feel tired and exhausted. Try just 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing to remove stale air and bring in the fresh.

5. Balancing the right ‘feminine feeling brain’ with the left ‘masculine thinking brain’ – the left nostril corresponds to the right brain & the right nostril to the left brain. During the final relaxation segment of my yoga class, I encourage participants to lie on their right side, thus activating the left side, the feminine cooling side. On the other hand, when you need a quick pick me up, try blocking the left nostril and breathe through the right, to stay active. Insomniacs rejoice-If you have trouble sleeping, help is here. Try what we do in the relaxation phase of my yoga class. Lie on your right side, softly closing your right nostril and breathe through the left. What does this do? it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, ‘rest and relaxation’ that slows down your heart rate, cools you down and brings your body to an optimum state for deep rest.

Hope you enjoyed this tip. When you try it, do post a comment. I love to share and I equally love to hear when my tips help my dear readers!



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  1. Jan says:

    Great post and video. Thanks for the reminder Charu!

    My dad’s a huge advocate of Pranayama and he’s constantly teaching us (his captive audience haha) all these different techniques. He’s travelling now. So this past week, as I have been going through a similarly frustrating situation to what you describe , I had all but forgotten the benefits of Nadi Shodhan and its ability to set things right. Its amazing how the universe always brings us timely messages.

    p.s.: how is your foot doing?

    1. CharuYoga says:

      Just makes you realize the universe is always plotting to give us what we need . If we just listen. Jan..So awesome to hear about your dad trying to coach you on nadi shodana..wise dad 😉 foot is so much better. Thinking of walking to union station today instead of taking the shuttle

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